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alumnus VOL. 55 ● NUMBER 2 ● SUMMER 2019 THE NEWSLETTER FOR NUHS ALUMNI Greetings from the President Home, that’s where the heart is. That is where you hang your hat. It’s the communities you practice in and the people that you treat. It is the memories you’ve yet to make and certainly those that you have. As an alumnus, there is a slice in time, a snapshot of life that has happened in a place that challenged you because you chose to be challenged. At the time of writing this, those who are in the midst of their decision for challenge surround me. Right now students are taking or preparing to take those written and laboratory exams that you remember so well. All around, last minute meetings in the library before the exams are happening and then a coalescence of students outside the classroom after the exams. These are the best of times and the worst of times. And we all like to recount these stories – fondly. As you think back to all of those midterm and final examinations and dare I say the first days of your clinical internships, I’m sure it is as vivid as yesterday. Janse Hall, Lincoln Hall, perhaps the Salvation Army Clinic, and even weekend trips to Chicago fill your thoughts. Maybe you remember marching in the Lilac parade, playing on the school’s rugby team or you were one of the crazy few that swam lake Janse. However, there are some National graduates that have no memories of these places or those activities. I’m happy to report that there are ten years of graduates that have none of those memories. Instead, their memories are filled with HEC, the Annex, Ping-Pong, the beach and of course Turkey Bowl. For ten years, National has been making different memories at our Florida campus. Since September 2009 our National students have been forging their way through their own snapshot. They still meet in the library and they still congregate outside the classroom to discuss the tests that they just took. In fact, they still graduate and go off to do the same great things their peers and colleagues have been doing since 1906. From time to time I get to hear from you or someone in your family about your memories. Sometimes stories of when National was located downtown Chicago, more often about the times in Lombard. Your stories are now peppered with those of our Florida location. Stories of professors, clinical experience and anatomy lab hold the lion share of your memories – each flavored by the location of your NUHS slice in time. Each story a National story. I hope that you will take the time to join us in Florida toward the end of August, as we celebrate ten years of our Florida memories. Ten years where we have hung our hats, made our memories, and filled our hearts. Esse Quam Videri Joe Stiefel, MS, EdD, DC President National University of Health Sciences 3 pg Homecoming 2019 9 pg Alumni News 15 pg NUHS News 16 pg Alumni Ambassadors