Altavida Real Estate Volume 3 - Page 9

Fully equipped kitchen with excellent solar exposition and direct access to the balcony


What is the best place to be? Because? What do you have in this space that pleases you so much? What could be improved on it? These questions may summarize the notion of comfort of each individual. Apparently simple, but since the answers vary for each individual, each place, each cultural milieu and a host of other particularities, it becomes difficult, not only to objectively define this sense of well-being, which is of such importance for all , but also to achieve them. So, what is comfort anyway? "Comfort is perhaps the maximum of a sense of well-being"

Environmental comfort and efficiency (19th and 20th century), from that moment there was the concern with internal design, adapting to it light, air quality, electricity ... and lastly, beauty was valued through style and of austerity.

All these features together contribute to the atmosphere of inner tranquility that is part of the comfort. And that is the problem of understanding to find a simple definition for comfort.

Therein lies the problem of understanding and finding a simple definition for comfort.