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Tavira is a small town on the Algarve coast of Portugal. It extends along the river Gilão, that arrives to the sea through the entrances of the lagoons of the Natural Park of Ria Formosa. The Island of Tavira has a long sandy beach and salinas that attract flamingos, spoonbills and other wading birds. In the center, the medieval castle of Tavira offers views of the city. The Church of Santa Maria do Castelo houses the tombs of 7 knights killed by the Moors.

In the municipality of Tavira the three natural sub-regions of the Algarve are well demarcated: the coast, the barrocal and the mountain range have a temperate climate with a rainy winter and a hot summer.

The coast of the municipality of Tavira has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve and Portugal, all included in the Ria Formosa Natural Park. The sea can reach very pleasant temperatures during the summer and early autumn, which can by around 26 ° C in the warmer months. The beaches of the county are: Lacém Beach, Cabanas de Tavira Beach, Tavira Island Beach, Terra Estreita Beach, Barril Beach and Homem Nu Beach.

Salinas de Tavira

The Ria Formosa occupies the whole coast of the county, being separated from the sea by two dune bars: the Island of Cabanas and the Island of Tavira. In addition to the barrier islands, the estuary integrates a series of canals, salt marshes and marshes.

The annual average temperature is around 18 ° C.

At peak summer in August the maximum temperatures are around 30 ° C and the minimum temperatures are 19 ° C.