Altavida Real Estate Volume 3 | Page 12

The bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house, since it is where we rest and recharge the energy.

Using light tones and timeless furniture, we decorate the rooms with floral ares of refuge in the countryside. It is on account of the modern materials create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

The bare climate of the ocean materializes in the cheerful colors of the envelopment of the whole apartment

The strong red present on the cushions and the details of the bed linen was chosen to show that it is possible to have rooms with comfortable red tones giving up neutral tones. Dark wood furniture and daring shapes fixtures still add extra charm to the space.

It is imperative that an environment that is so inherently part of the routine - and also so essential to well-being - is permeated with comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in the decoration - as it already happens in the most diverse types of rooms of the 21st century.

The space solution are ideal for giving a touch of modernity to a particular type of environment without compromising the atmosphere of peace. In addition to the double bed the en suite bedroom has a special shine.







Rooms with great storage space built into the wall and sliding windows with double glazing and large solar exposure.