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As one of the world ’ s largest and most diversified testing services providers , ALS has sites strategically located around the world to provide accurate and timely services . We have operations in more than 350 locations , in 55 countries , and on six continents . We have teams of experts around the world available to provide specialised business solutions that align with client needs . Major hub laboratories are located in Australia , Asia , North America , South America , Europe , the Middle East and Africa .
ALS Life Sciences in Europe employs over 1300 professional laboratory and support personnel represented in 13 countries at 31 locations . The European network consists of modern , analytical , ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and national service centres . Main laboratories are located in the Czech Republic , Sweden , Portugal , United Kingdom & Ireland , Turkey and Denmark . National service centres and smaller laboratories are located in Norway , Finland , Poland , Slovakia , Romania and Spain . While varying in size and capabilities , the network performs an extensive range of physical , chemical , microbiological , biological , radiological and ecotoxicological analysis to meet the needs of local and regional clients . Inter-office support and courier arrangements facilitate timely access to the full range of services and on-time delivery of results .
ALS Life Sciences Europe has also a number of centres of excellence dedicated to specialty services and industrial applications . These laboratories utilise the latest high-resolution technology in order to meet very stringent demands from clients worldwide : ALS operates the best equipped laboratory globally for determination of metals ( elements ). Examples of analyses include chemical composition , impurities , and stable as well as radiogenic isotopes .
ALS carries out analyses of ultra-trace level organic compounds ( dioxins , PCBs , PBDE and other flame retardants ) and runs radiochemical testing .
Both laboratories have vast experience from matrices including environmental , food , and pharmaceuticals in addition to clinical , specialized industrial and research applications .
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