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"My veins were very large and deep. After treatment at Allure, I no longer have ankle and lower leg swelling or painful restless legs at the end of even my most active days!" "I had serious pain in my ankle due to varicose veins. The procedure was so quick, I didn’t even realize it was going on. Allure was very efficient and caring." - Linda - Don “I work on my legs all day and had a ton of pressure and pain. I thought it was just my job but after having this procedure at Allure my legs feel incredible. I wish I would have come in sooner.” - Jim TAKE THE QUIZ “I had restless legs and bad leg cramps at night. Since my first treatment at Allure, I haven’t had any pain and can sleep again.” Find out if you have the symptoms of varicose veins. We can help you. "Allure did a wonderful job on my legs. Now, I'm able to walk again with no pain." - Harry – Mary "I had a leg ulcer that was growing and very painful. It felt like something poked a hole in me. A day after treamtment, the wound stopped hurting. I was even able to go for a walk. In four days, the wound began to close and heal." - Kelly “I came to Allure for varicose veins in my left leg. During my procedure, there was no pain or discomfort. I had no downtime. I’m very pleased.” - Judith “My leg throbbed throughout the day and it was hard to get ready in the morning. My treatment took less than an hour and was very tolerable. My leg is healing nicely and I don’t have any more symptoms.” - Tamera 2018 2017 SPRING FALL 7