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LETTER FROM THE OWNER DISCOVER ‘all . u’ We are now on our second year of publishing all•u magazine and are focused on taking your experience as a reader to the next level. We have embedded several QR codes that, when scanned with your phone, will take you to more in-depth interactive content. So, give it a try! There has been an immense amount of growth at Allure Medical this past year and I’m so proud to say we are making great headway in achieving our company goal: to decrease healthcare costs across the country. In this issue of all•u, you will learn how traditional methods of healthcare compare to Allure’s progressive forms of treatment for a multitude of diseases. Allure will always be on the cutting edge of technology and offering only the best forms of healthcare to our patients. I hope you find this issue particularly eye-opening to the future of healthcare and the very bold stance Allure continues to push forward. T hank you! Dr. Charles Mok President & CEO, Allure Medical Spa CONTENTS 6 VARICOSE VEINS 22 DEAN GRAZIOSI From Restless Legs To Open Sores Health & Wellness 9 MARNIE OURSLER 33 Hard-Won Travel Tips 25 RESTORE YOUR YOUTH 12 JAMIE OLIVER RECIPE 26 HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY Good For The Body, Good For The Heart 14 DARYA ROSE 27 COOLSCULTING When To Be Mindful Ditch The Shapewear This Summer 16 MEL ROBBINS 28 STEM CELL VS KNEE REPLACEMENTS Staying Focused & Following Through On Your Goals 29 FEATURE: 100 YEARS OF HEALTHCARE 20 MELISSA COSTELLO The Biggest Change Smoothie Recipes 2018 SPRING 5