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varicose treatment MARCH 2014 “My legs felt stiff, especially when I exercised and my ankles were swollen at the end of the day. After treatment, my legs felt wonderful! I can go to the gym and get through my day with no problems or pain now.“ patient allure through Christine B. shares her own personal experiences with Allure’s innovative services that changed her life. APRIL 2015 it’s like I’m a therapy “I was going through menopause and was lacking energy. After my first HRT pellet treatment, I saw a huge difference in my energy level in just a couple of weeks. One day I just felt a little more pep in my step. I thought, wow, it’s working! My skin was even improving! I thoroughly recommend it.” MARCH 2016 When I compare the way I looked & felt two years ago, to the way I look & feel now, replacement facial RE JUVENATION “With Botox, I have seen an enormous improvement around my eyes, chin and forehead area. The injections are painless. Within a day or two, the little wrinkles just disappear. It’s awesome, I just love it!” Your journey to better health starts with a free consult. ➤