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expanding and showing a tremendous amount of promise, several companies are working to shape the future of medicine further—more than just the transplantation of stem cells. CURRENT LEADERS FORGING NEW PATHS FOR STEM CELL THERAPY Several companies are trying to unlock the keys to aging and stem cell replication: UNITY BIOTECHNOLOGY IS “AWAKENING” SLEEPING STEM CELLS. Unity Biotechnology is working on a process to remove sleeping stem cells. When stem cells lie dormant in spite of active disease, the diseased tissue can’t regenerate fast enough to fight the disease. Unity Biotechnology is trying to activate healthy stem cells by destroying these dormant stem cells. SAMUMED LLC IS ACTIVATING THE CELLULAR SIGNALS THAT CAUSE TISSUES TO REPAIR THEMSELVES. Samumed LLC is working to stimulate dormant stem cells into regenerating specific tissues. This is exciting because they can find different proteins that stimulate stem cells to transform into various organ or cell line types. ACCORDING TO THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC) THE LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH ARE (3, 4) : Heart disease Alzheimer’s Cancer Diabetes Chronic lower Influenza and respiratory disease Pneumonia. (COPD & Emphysema). This is virtually Accidents unchanged over the past 100 years. Stroke HEALTHCARE OF THE FUTURE Currently, the United States spends over $3 trillion a year in healthcare, and that’s growing at 5 percent per year. This is obviously not sustainable. We might be helping people to live longer, but we’re still dying from the same conditions we were dying from a century ago such as heart disease and cancer. Regenerative medicine has promised to change the future of healthcare forever. With stem cell therapy and other types of regenerative treatments on the horizon, we’ll soon be moving away from a disease-management model and finally moving towards a disease-elimination model. DR. CHARLES MOK has been practicing medicine for over twenty-five years. After receiving his medical degree, Dr. Mok completed his post