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FEATURE: HEALTHCARE CHANGES BIGGEST CHANGE I N H E A L T H C A R E I N WE’RE ON the cusp of a new era in healthcare. Like the printing press or the advent of the Internet, there’s a huge shift in healthcare right now that promises to change the way we manage and heal diseases forever. This isn’t science fiction. It’s the future of healthcare. By: Dr. Charles Mok, Allure Medical Founder IMAGINE A world where chronic disease is an old- fashioned concept. A world where the focus of your next doctor’s appointment isn’t merely on managing pain or symptoms, but on eliminating the disease entirely at the root. THE OLD APPROACH TOWARDS HEALTHCARE AND MEDICINE For the past 100 years, the foundation of healthcare relied on a system called allopathic medicine. Most people know this as western or conventional medicine. The National Institutes of Health define allopathic medicine as: “A system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery.” (1) Although this approach has served us well for the past 100 years, there are downsides. Some include over- focusing on symptom relief and creating new illnesses whi le attempting to treat the primary disease. 2018 SPRING 29