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NON-SURGICAL FAT REDUCTION Oh no! Shapewear! They smooth, they shape, and cinch inches instantly. But when the layers come off, the bulge and stubborn fat remain. Solution? Freeze your fat. Say goodbye to expensive shapewear and feeling self-conscious about that extra bulge in your abdomen, love handles, chin, bra fat or arms! Coolsculpting © is a non-surgical treatment that freezes your fat cells and allows your body to naturally flush them away. Start seeing initial results after just 3-4 weeks! Reasons to ditch the shapewear: ● An uncomfortable and temporary fix. ● Can compress your abdomen too much, causing acid reflux. ● The tightness can impact your intestines, causing discomfort, bloating, and even gas. ● Prolonged wear can affect your body’s blood circulation and even cause varicose veins. ● Non-surgical with no downtime, no needles. ● The only FDA approved treatment to permanently remove fat. ● Your skin, muscles and surrounding tissues are left un-harmed. Once the fat has dissolved, you’re left with the confidence to ditch the shapewear! SAVE $150 Scan the QR code to recieve $150 off your first Coolsculpting © treatment at Allure. 2018 SPRING SPRING 27 2018 27