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“We get the opportunity to pay for our health in advance—or at least do all we can to prevent illness— so we can enjoy the spoils of our hard work." ~ Dean open, think of something you can be grateful for. And here’s a little trick. Find something you can be grateful for and then lower the bar. Be grateful that you got a night’s sleep. Be grateful that the sheets feel nice against your skin. Be grateful that it’s raining. Be grateful that it’s not raining. Be grateful that your family is home or your friends are visiting or something small. Or if you’re reading a book you love, go read a couple of chapters or a couple of sentences out of the book that stimulate you to be inspired, to be motivated, to be grateful in that moment. We set the bar so high on gratitude that we feel we need an outrageous, outlandish thing to stimulate us when the opposite is true. Think about this: 150,000 people die every day, and if your eyes opened this morning, you’re not one of them. Doing this sets your mind straight, gets your head pointed in the right direction. You’re looking through a pair of glasses that says “Today’s going to be a good day,” and not “Will today be okay?” It sets your intention that today’s going to be a great day. 2018 SPRING 23