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MARNIE OURSLER must-sees (or the local gems only the most prepared know about). But don’t forget to leave room for the unexpected. 16. TELL YOUR PLANS TO SOMEONE BACK HOME Make your plans known to at least one person who’s not on your trip so there’s always someone who knows where you are and where you should be. 17. BRING A FIRST-AID KIT Blisters, cuts, colds, and all manner of physical ailments occur when you travel. Be prepared with the essentials so they don't spoil the fun. 18. NEVER CARRY ALL OF YOUR MONEY ON YOU Take what you think you’ll need for the day and leave the rest locked in your hotel so you’re not caught penniless should you lose your wallet (or have it stolen). 19. USE A MAP, BUT DON’T BE AFRAID TO GET LOST Maps are essential, especially the first few days in a new city. Who cares if you look like a tourist? You are one! But let yourself get lost once or twice, too – you never know what you’ll find. 20. LEARN THE LOCAL HISTORY A little research on your destination’s past is the best way to understand its present. 21. SHOP AROUND FOR FLIGHTS You can often save serious cash by flying into a nearby city and taking a train or bus the rest of the way. 22. AVOID EATING IN TOURISTY AREAS The food is almost never good, and the prices are jacked way up. You’ll have better luck – and a better meal – by walking a few blocks or minutes away. 29. PACK A SCARF A good scarf (or sarong) is the most versatile piece of travelwear. It can be used as a blanket, a face mask, for sun protection, to carry things… the options are endless! 23. SAMPLE THE LOCAL CUISINE Even if it’s something you would never eat at home, try it anyway. You never really understand a place until you’ve experienced its food. 30. BECOME AN OBSERVER Be mindful of where you are without the lens of a camera or smart phone in the way. Watch the locals, take in the scenery, sounds, and smells, and be fully present. 24. USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Not only will you save a ton of money on taxis, but you’ll also see your destination as the locals do. 31. SLOW DOWN Cramming too many places into one trip results in a surface level experience. Gain a deeper understanding of a location by spending as much time there as your trip will allow. Several days in a few spots almost always beats a day or two in many. 25. DO A WALKING TOUR ON YOUR FIRST DAY It’s an excellent way to get a lay of the land before you set out on your own. 26. ALWAYS CARRY CASH FOR EMERGENCIES It’s tempting to rely on credit or debit cards for everything, but many places still require cash – and you don’t want to be stuck in a cash-only situation without it. 27. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES There are so many good-looking and comfortable options for footwear, so why torture yourself? Treat your feet well and they will take you to the most amazing places. 32. TAKE NOTES Journaling your travel experience is a great way to reflect on and remember your trip. Your notes may also prove invaluable if you ever return to that location, or know someone who is visiting for the first time. 33. GET OFF THE BEATEN PATH Every destination has certain must-sees that, although touristy, are must-sees for a reason.