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Black Widows

When your mid-life crisis is pure murder , life will never be the same again
Three couples spend a weekend at a summer villa by the sea . As the husbands head off for a fishing trip , the wives wave goodbye . As the boat accelerates away from the shore , it suddenly explodes . The three women witness the horrific scene . Within a matter of seconds , their husbands have gone … Just as they planned . Veera , Johanna and Kirsi are three best friends in their 30s who have been extremely unhappy for years . The reason ? Their husbands . At the end of their tethers , they make a life-changing decision – they must get rid of their husbands once and for all . When the deed is done … It is time for the women to start anew . But things are never that straightforward , are they ?
Duration 60 min , 24 scripts available
Produced by Moskito Television for Nelonen , Finland
Produced in Finland , Scandinavia , Estonia , Lithuania , Latin America , Czech Republic , India , Middle East