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Innocent , guilty or somewhere in between ?
Intriguing drama Accused centres on six holding cells of a high court . In each cell sits a person standing trial , accused of committing a crime and now awaiting the verdict .
At the start of each episode , an officer calls out a name – and in one of the cells , the accused stands . They are told the jury is returning . Their cell door is opened and they begin the long walk to the dock . As they pass through the gates , we begin to learn the story of their crime – in flashback . In the courtroom , we see a cast of characters and in flashback we discover how these people fit into the story of the crime .
Weaving tales of fascinating hypothetical scenarios , Accused is a gripping blend of true-to-life situations , moral dilemmas and intriguing characters .
Duration 60 min , 10 scripts available
Produced by RSJ Productions for BBC One , UK
Produced in UK , France , US