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Step Dave

Families come in all shapes and sizes ...
Dave , a 24-year-old ordinary slacker , finds his life turned upside down when he meets the girl of his dreams – Cara ... and her three kids .
Step Dave is a light-hearted , feel-good family drama which demonstrates one of the realities of modern life – that families come in all different shapes and sizes . In this series , home is where the heart is – even if that home is crammed full of kids , teenagers , ex-mother-in-laws and hangers-on .
Can this unconventional relationship survive the age difference and the pressures of the multi-generational household ? Can Dave step up ( no pun intended ) and be a proper parent ? Should he even try to ? Can this unruly bunch live happily ever after as one big happy family ?
Duration 60 min , 26 scripts available
Produced by South Pacific Pictures for TV2 , New Zealand
Produced in New Zealand , Hungary , Ukraine , Greece , Poland , China