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Doc Martin

The doctor will see you now ... if you want him to
Doc Martin is a highly educated surgeon , whose glittering career comes crashing down when he develops a phobia for blood , which prevents him from conducting operations . He is used to his anonymous city centre life , where nobody cares or knows very much about anyone , even their next door neighbour . Now he is moving to an idyllic seaside village where everybody knows everybody and everything about everybody ! Where gossip is important and social skills and the community are the essence of daily life , none of which our Doc can cope with . Every country has the same city-village divide . Nearly every village has their own local doctor who knows everybody . But mix this with our grumpy Doc Martin and a picturesque village where his unpredictable bedside manner causes continual surprise and dismay and you have the mix for a successful , long-running comedy-drama .
Duration 60 min , 72 scripts available
Produced by Buffalo Pictures for ITV , UK
Produced in UK , Netherlands , France , Spain , Czech Republic , Greece , Germany , Russia