Alfreds I & II Operation Manuals 2 - Page 8

Hydraulics  –  Engine  driven   The  anchor  windless  and  deck  winch  are  both  run  via  a  hydraulic   pump  that  requires  the  starboard  engine  to  be  switched  on  to   operate  them.     Only  the  anchor  windless  or  the  deck  winch  can  be  used  at  one  3me.     •  Starboard engine must be switched on. •  Ensured the deck winch control level is in the off position Getting started •  Ensure all crew are clear on how to operate machinery and how to keep clear prior to commencing any activity. Safety •  To lower the anchor you can either use the release lever on the windless and the bake to control the fall of chain, or use the down control. •  If you are use the anchor controls, you much ensure there is no body close the windless, the chain is ready to run, the starboard engine is switch on. Anchoring •  You can control the speed that the anchor winch runs but using the revs on the starboard engine (you must do pull the gear lever out to set the revs without being in gear). •  You control if the windless is deploying or retrieving chain at the helm station Packing •  Turn off both deck wash switches. Close all handles on the bilge manifold, put hoses away. up WARNING  –  When  figh3ng  fires  using  powered  water  pumps  on   boats,  you  also  need  to  consider  how  to  get  the  water  back  out   of  the  boat,  as  you  could  s3ll  end  up  sinking  the  vessel.   ©  2016  Above  &  Beyond  Boa3ng     8