Alfreds I & II Operation Manuals 2 - Page 7

Bilge  system  –  Engine  driven   The  engine  driven  bilge  bump,  could  be  used  to  either  remove  large   amounts  of  water  from  inside  the  boat,  fight  a  fire,  on-­‐board  or  on   another  vessel,  or  most  regularly  for  the  washing  of  the  decks.   Deck   wash   switches   Deck  wash  or  fire   hose  connec3on   point   Getting started •  Port engine must be switched on. •  Ensure both deck wash switched are switch off. (They are at the internal and external helm station) Bilge manifold •  Select where you would like water to be collected from and where you would like it to discharge. •  If you are using a bilge hose, fire hose or deck hose, connect those now. •  Turn on the deck wash switch on the electrical switch board inside •  Control when the pump is actually running (clutch is engaged) using the white deck wash switch. This is just above the helm station in the Controlling cockpit. the pump Packing up •  Turn off both deck wash switches. Close all handles on the bilge manifold, put hoses away. WARNING  –  When  figh3ng  fires  using  powered  water  pumps  on   boats,  you  also  need  to  consider  how  to  get  the  water  back  out   of  the  boat,  as  you  could  s3ll  end  up  sinking  the  vessel.   ©  2016  Above  &  Beyond  Boa3ng     7