Alfreds I & II Operation Manuals 2 - Page 4

Loca-on  Chart     Fire  ex3nguisher   Emergency  VHF   radio  aerial,  safety   tethers,  chart  roll   (Chart  204  only)   Defribulator  (comes   from  the  office)   Oxygen,  torches  and   Mega  Phone   Fire  ex3nguishers   EPIRB   Bilge  manifold   Stan3on  post  for   towing   Secondary   anchor  and  fire   hoses  are  in  the   lazarede   Rear  exit  must  be   kept  closed  at  sea   ©  2016  Above  &  Beyond  Boa3ng     Flag  rolls   Main  electrical   switches  for  the  boat   Primary  engine   controls   Anchor  ball  and  foot   pump  in  cupboard   Retrieval  sling  ,   spare  MOB   horseshoe   Secondary   engine  controls   Hydraulic  winch   controls   Air  vent  shut  off   in  case  of  fire.     Nb.  You  can  not   get  a  fire   ex3nguisher  into   the  engine  bay  to   fight  a  fire.   4