Alfreds I & II Operation Manuals 2 - Page 19

Anchoring   •  To lower the anchor you can just take the Muir pole and release the clutch. •  This must be call for by the skipper. •  To release the safety hook and the break and then ease the clutch to allow the chain to free fall. •  There is red marking at 30m and 60m. •  Only release the break a small amount. No more the 1/4 if a turn. Once desired amount of chain is down then you can apply the break after tightening the clutch. •  •  Take a transit and consider setting the anchor drag alarm. Starboard engine must be on to raise the anchor. Hydraulics switch must be turned to power the windless. If engine is not on water pump will work but anchor controls will not. •  Nb extreme caution must be taken to check the deck winch is not on on before turning on the hydraulics switch. •  You can raise the engine with engine/hydraulics on. Press the up button on the windless. (Lower button) small adjustments can also be made in the down position (fwd. part of button) •  •  By pulling out the control lever you can increase the speed of the windless. An alarm starts as the anchor is nearly up. Return the control to neutral. Reapply the break and safety hook. Ensure the hydraulics switch is off when there is anyone manually working with the Windless or chain. •  Nb chain counter is in feet but does work. Please see conversions below. •  10 m 20 m 30 m 32 ft 65ft 98ft ©  2016  Above  &  Beyond  Boa3ng     40 m 50 m 60 m 131 ft 164 ft 196 ft 19