Alfreds I & II Operation Manuals 2 - Page 16

Safety brief inshore on deck

Explain the star-ng mast and halyards
How they are run , halyards : up & down , managing the boats dock lines and how you would give a tow if required .
Moving around the boat
Keep centre of gravity low , one hand for you and one for the job . Explain the dangers of the foredeck , the deck winch , windless , marlin board and their poten3al for injury .
Engine start & stop procedure
Start : Check throdle is in neutral , turn igni3on key , press black budon , how to put into and out of gear
Stop : Push stop engine budon , turn igni3on budon off
MOB equipment Dan Buoy , Life rings , ladder , harness , retrieval and spoder
Deck winches & sta-on post , what they do & how to : Load ( 3 turns ), avoid fingers gegng caught , ease a loaded line safely
Anchor How to operate this safely .
Use of life jackets & harnesses
The skipper is responsible for everyone on board and must offer guidance on the appropriate use and wearing of lifejackets .
Shore power Connect power cable to Alfreds 2 before connec3ng to shore
Medical First aid kit loca3on & contents , ac3on in the event of a medical emergency : PAN PAN
Miscellaneous safety
Grab bag loca3on & contents , EPIRB Loca3on , opera3on and expiry , emergency VHF aerial , emergency naviga3on lights , torches and baderies , barometer and 3mepiece
Engine Gearshij in event of a cable failure , emergency fuel shut off , engine sea cocks Basic pre -­‐ start checks
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Safety  brief  inshore  on  deck   Explain  the  star-ng  mast  and  halyards       How  they  are  run,  halyards:  up  &  down,  managing  the  boats  dock  lines  and  how  you  would  give   a  tow  if  required.       Moving  around  the  boat   Keep  centre  of  gravity  low,  one  hand  for  you  and  one  for  the  job.  Explain  the  dangers  of  the   foredeck,  the  deck  winch,  windless,  marlin  board  and  their  poten3al  for  injury.       Engine  start  &  stop  procedure   Start:  Check  throdle  is  in  neutral,  turn  igni3on  key,  press  black  budon,  how  to  put  into  and  out   of  gear   Stop:  Push  stop  engine  budon,  turn  igni3on  budon  off         MOB  equipment   Dan  Buoy,  Life  rings,  ladder,  harness,  retrieval  and  spoder         Deck  winches  &  sta-on  post,  what  they  do  &  how  to:   Load  (3  turns),  avoid  fingers  gegng  caught,  ease  a   YYCH0[BCH0Y[BCH0CH0CH0[܂CH0CH0CH0CH0CH0CH0\]BCH0\CH0Y[KCH0CH0CH0\BCH0قCH0YBCH0X]CH0 CH0\\\CH0BCH0\\CH0\CH0\ۜXBCH0܂CH0]\[ۙBCH0ۂCH0\CH0[CH0]\CH0 \CH0ZY[BCH0ۂCH0BCH0\X]BCH0\BCH0[CH0X\[CH0قCH0YZX]˂CH0CH0CH0ܙBCH0\CH0CH0ۛXCH0\CH0XBCH0CH0[YCH0 CH0YܙBCH0ۛXۙCH0CH0ܙBCH0CH0YYX[CH0CH0CH0CH0CH0CH0CH0CH0\CH0ZYCH0]CH0LۂCH0 CH0۝[CH0XۂCH0[CH0BCH0][CH0قCH0BCH0YYX[CH0[Y\[NCH0CH0SCH0SCH0CH0CH0CH0Z\[[[\CH0Y]BCH0ܘXCH0YCH0LۂCH0 CH0۝[CH0TTCH0LۋCH0\LۂCH0[CH0^\KCH0[Y\[BCH0CH0Y\X[ CH0[Y\[BCH0]YLۂCH0YCH0ܘ\CH0[CH0Y\Y\CH0\Y]\CH0[CH0 Y\YXBCH0CH0CH0[[BCH0CH0CH0CH0CH0CH0CH0CH0X\ZCH0[CH0][CH0قCH0BCH0XBCH0Z[\KCH0[Y\[BCH0Y[CH0]CH0 CH0[[BCH0XBCH0CH0\XCH0Kpx$\CH0XCH0BCH0 MCH0XݙBCH0 CH0^[ۙCH0LۙCH0CH0MCH0