Airport World Issue 1 2013 - Page 10

NEWS All change in Beijing and Istanbul? Major new airports in Turkey and China are a step closer to becoming a reality following the launch of the tender to build a new $9 billion gateway in Istanbul and the greenlight for a new $11.2 billion airport in Beijing. TAV, which operates Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport, and Fraport have expressed an interest in building and operating Istanbul’s new airport, which is expected to open in 2017 and have an initial capacity of 90mppa, rising to 150mppa with future expansion. Turkey’s Transport Minister, Binali Yildirim, said: “At full capacity the new Istanbul airport will be the largest in the world in terms of passengers. We calculate the whole project will cost more than €7 billion excluding financing costs.” Meanwhile in China, it is being reported that “green energy” and “functionality” will be prioritised in the design of Beijing’s new airport, which will be located in the city’s southern Daxing district, open in 2018 and be capable of handling 70mppa by 2025. Beijing Capital International Airport handled 81.8 million passengers last year to cement its status as the second busiest airport in the world after Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, which welcomed 95.4 million. Midway lease considered The FAA has formally accepted the City of Chicago’s preliminary application to privatise Midway International Airport. The decision means that the city is free to pursue the option of allowing private investors to sign a lease to operate the gateway for close to 40 years. A statement issued by the the FAA said: “The FAA has completed its review of the city of Chicago’s revised preliminary application to privatise Midway International Airport. The FAA has accepted the revised Preliminary Application, and the City can take the next steps to select a private airport operator.” Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, claims that the step of delivering a Preliminary Application, timetable and draft Request for Qualification (RFQ) to the FAA will allow City officials to gain a better understanding of market conditions and revenue generation possibilities for the potential lease of Midway Airport. A previous 2009 attempt to privatise Midway failed at the last minute when the winning bidder, the Midway Investment and Development Corporation (MIDco), failed to secure the financial backing to push through a $2.5 billion deal. Living legend Toronto Pearson’s former CEO, Lou Turpen, has been inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation. The Living Legends of Aviation are defined as aviation entrepreneurs, innovators, record breakers, industry leaders, astronauts, pilots who have become celebrities, and celebrities, such as John Travolta, who have become pilots. They meet annually to recognise and honour individuals that have made significant contributions to aviation, and now count former San Francisco Interntional Airport and Toronto Pearson boss, Turpen, among their number. Turpen said: “I’m honoured and humbled to be in such a group of legendary aviators. I’m particularly interested in helping record aviation’s important history through the Living Library that the Legends are building.” Among his achievements, Turpen is credited with developing the first Airport Counter Terrorism Plan used as a model by the US government. Former ACI World board member, Turpen is currently president of the San Francisco Aeronautical Society, which dedicates time to preserving the history of commercial aviation in the Pacific. News in brief Visiting Gibraltar Airport will never quite be the same again following the opening of the airport’s swanky new terminal. Designed by 3DReid and bblur architecture, the new 1mppa capacity terminal has three gates and five aircraft stands and offers visitors impressive views over the airfield towards the rock. Halifax Stanfield International Airport claims that its new extended runway heralds the dawn of a new era in air servic ȁѱѥ QİЁѕͥ́ѕѥȁȁ!́Ёݥ܁ѡѕ݅Ѽɝȁݥ䁅ɍɅЁ啅ȵɽչٕЁѡЁձͥѱ䁕́ͥѥ́䁥ѕɹѥȁɝ͕ȁՈ܀؁ЁݥեЁ1̰ѕЁѼɅЁѽɥٕ́ѽ̸Q܁ѕ݅ݥ͕х԰ѡͽѡɹЁɽ٥ѡչ䰁ɑѼɕ̸Aѵ-䰁ɕѽȁх׊éAՉ]ɭ́QɅЁѵаͅѡЁݽձɅѥиMɅ͍%ѕɹѥӊé܀Ёх1ɬ ɽQݕȁݥхٕ͡ȁѡЀѡ̸!͕Á Սѥ ɕ́ɍѕ́ݥ͕ٔ́ѡͥեѕȁѡѽݕȸ%ЁݥɕѡɕЁȁɅɽѽݕȰݡȁ͕́͵хɑ̸((()%IA=IP]=I1 IUId5I ((0