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HOW LONG WILL I BE AWAY FROM HOME FOR DURING TRAINING ? Recruit training at RAF Halton lasts for 10 weeks and is split into six sections . To find out more about these search RAF Halton
For an Officer in the RAF , Initial Officer Training takes place at the RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire . This involves a 24- week course designed to develop leadership and management skills .
CAN FAMILY CALL ME DURING MY TIME AWAY ? Throughout training there will be the opportunity to call home during evenings . Recruits are allowed to bring a mobile phone for use in free time , with ample opportunity to use it throughout your training course . There are also special areas provided to access the internet and connect with friends and family via email and social media .
WHAT HAPPENS IF A TRAINEE FALLS ILL OR IS INJURED DURING TRAINING ? All recruits are looked after by station medical and dental teams . If too ill to train , recruits will be excused from duty until well enough to return .
ARE THERE BREAKS TO RETURN HOME AT WEEKENDS OR DURING HOLIDAYS ? There may be occasions when trainees can return home during Initial Training , but this is very much dependent on the training schedule .
ONCE TRAINING IS COMPLETE WHERE DO PERSONNEL LIVE ? Post training , personnel in the RAF will be assigned to one of our many stations , either in the UK or overseas . All our bases have accommodation , but there are also opportunities to live off base if you wish . To see a list search RAF Stations
WHAT QUALIFICATIONS WILL RECRUITS GAIN AND ARE THEY RECOGNISED BY CIVILIAN EMPLOYERS ? All qualifications you gain during your time in the RAF are recognised by civilian institutions . The qualifications you gain depend on the trade or branch you specialise in .
WHAT IS THE STANCE ON BULLYING AND HARASSMENT ? The RAF has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and harassment . We have dedicated Welfare and Support Personnel on all of our stations who are there to assist with any problems .
HOW WELL RATED ARE RAF APPRENTICESHIPS ? RAF Air Operations Support Apprenticeships have all been awarded ‘ Outstanding ’ in all areas by OFSTED .
HOW LONG WILL I BE IN THE RAF FOR ? The RAF offers an initial contract of 12 years , but this doesn ’ t mean that you have to serve that full term . The RAF does expect a minimum return of service for the investment in your training – normally three years .