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As an Air & Space Operations Specialist ( Aerospace Systems ) you are the eyes and ears of the RAF . You will play a vital part in UK homeland defence , contribute to the security of UK overseas territories and UK Armed Forces serving abroad and be a part of the UK Government ’ s mission to act as a force for good throughout the world . Throughout your career you will operate from a hardened Command and Control Centre ; a deployed Command and Control Radar Unit , working and living in field conditions both in the UK and overseas ; a missile warning / space surveillance radar unit ; an Airborne Warning and Control System ( AWACS ) E-3D aircraft and Royal Navy ( RN ) Air Defence ships . You will assist in the direction of fighter , ground attack , surveillance and refuelling aircraft operating to maintain control of the air . In the Space environment , you will help provide a 24 hour Ballistic Missile Early Warning and Space Surveillance service to UK and US senior leadership . You may also have the opportunity to work with Data Links and Electronic Warfare units . Throughout your career you may be required to serve overseas on a detachment as part of your role for a number of months , or as a full-time posting to certain locations working alongside other services and nations . Your duties will be similar to those at your home station , but will be more demanding in an operational environment .