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Air & Space Operations Specialists ( Flight Operations ) provide direct support to aircrew , air traffic control and operations managers in a variety of roles . In support of aircrew , you could be employed in a squadron operations room , where you will be responsible for the maintenance of aeronautical information and operating mission support IT , both of which are critical to the safe and expeditious conduct of the mission . Alternatively , you could also be employed in an air traffic control tower , managing IT systems with real-time flight information and operating radio equipment in support of the controllers . There are opportunities for employment in station operations and flight planning , responsible for coordinating military and civilian aircraft operations and utilising your specialist flight planning knowledge to give advice to visiting aircrew on submitting their flight plans . Like many RAF personnel you will be required to be assigned to other RAF Stations as part of your career development . You may also have the opportunity to go overseas on a detachment as part of your job for a number of months or as a full posting to certain locations . Your duties will be similar to those at your home Station , but will be more demanding with opportunities to work with other services and nations in an operational environment .