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Specialist Training
All entrants will complete specialist food service training at the Food Services Training Wing , Worthy Down , pre-employment land and sea survival training at Defence Survival Training Organisation , RAF St Mawgan . Decompression Training at the Aviation Medicine Training Wing , RAF Henlow and A330-200 Cabin Crew training at the Air Tanker Academy , RAF Brize Norton , before finishing their flying training with Sqn Instructors on 10 Sqn / 101 Sqn . Due to the multiple agencies involved in this training it will take between 15 – 16 weeks to complete .
( Qualified AGS ) Specialist Training
After recruit training , you will still complete the specialist training course to familiarise yourself with A330-200 Cabin Crew duties and food service procedures . On successful completion of the specialist training , you will then qualify for immediate promotion to Air Specialist ( Class 1 ).
Your First Tour
Your first tour will be as Cabin Crew on the Airbus A330-200 Multi Role Tanker Transport Aircraft “ Voyager ”. During your first tour , you will consolidate your training and gain valuable experience that will prepare you for the rest of your RAF career . The consolidation period includes your Professional Workplace Assessment ( PWA ). Successful completion of PWA demonstrates that an individual has achieved an initial level of competence and is a prerequisite for promotion to the rank of Air Specialist ( Class 1 ), AS ( 1 ), unless you are on a Qualified AGS engagement . A first tour is always demanding but also highly rewarding and you will be given the time to develop your skills and become an effective member of the team .
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