AHSN Impact Report 2022 | Page 23

Breaking down barriers for better asthma care

In Yorkshire and Humber , there is significant variation in access to basic asthma care based on geography , age and ethnicity . In particular , those in disadvantaged socioeconomic groups are more likely to be exposed to the causes and triggers of asthma . Programme Manager , Harriet Smith , explains how we are working closely with our NHS colleagues to help improve asthma care for all , while tackling health inequalities and helping reduce the carbon footprint of ‘ blue inhalers ’.
Asthma is common in the UK , with approximately five million people suffering from the condition . In asthma , the airways in the lung become inflamed , leading to symptoms such as breathlessness , coughing , chest tightness and wheezing . Although these symptoms can be mild for some , others find themselves having to take time off school or work , and people are still dying from asthma each year in the UK . Although we have seen advances in treatment , health outcomes associated with asthma have stagnated , and as a country , we now have some of the worst outcomes in Europe .
23 Transforming Lives Through Innovation
Harriet Smith Programme Manager
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