AHSN Impact Report 2022 | Page 2


The healthcare sector continues to be a highly dynamic and challenging environment as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact . As we turn our focus to the emerging priorities for our Integrated Care Systems ( ICS ), soon to become Integrated Care Boards ( ICBs ), it is clear that innovation is still essential in helping the sector to recover and prepare for the future .
Over the last four years , our priority has been to forge strong partnerships with the three ICSs in our region and we have taken a unique approach through the development of our Innovation Hubs . Our South Yorkshire Innovation Hub has now been established for three years ( see page 40 ) and this year we launched a new Innovation Hub for West Yorkshire , tailored to meet their needs and priorities . We are also developing plans for a potential third hub with Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership .
These challenges also align with the priorities outlined in NHS England and NHS Improvement ’ s Operational and Planning Guidance and the Government ’ s Life Sciences Vision , both published in late 2021 .
Over the last year , we have supported our region with innovation implementation to address post-pandemic recovery . Our work
This model of working embeds AHSN staff into the fibre of health and care delivery in our region , enabling us to gain a deep understanding of needs right across our health and care systems at every level . This means we are able to co-design and deliver effective solutions to what we have identified as the five critical challenges that are common to our partners across the region . These are :
• Supporting the NHS ’ s post-pandemic recovery
• Advocating for levelling-up as a driver for inclusive economic growth
• Addressing health inequalities
• Improving equality , diversity , and inclusion
Dr Tim Ferris , National Director of Transformation at NHS England and NHS Improvement , reflects on his visit to Yorkshire & Humber AHSN in December 2021
• Acting against climate change
2 Transforming Lives Through Innovation