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Virtual Wards
Virtual Wards
The Virtual Wards workstream has supported the delivery of 289 remote consultations , thereby avoiding 51 appointment attendances ( including GP and A & E visits and acute admissions ) after we identified products that could help manage the care of patients in their own homes . Ellen Barnes talks about the technologies we have been working with .
In Harrogate , an 11-year-old respiratory patient with chronic asthma had regular face-to-face outpatient appointments and frequent A & E admissions . When the child ’ s mother had a medical procedure and was therefore unable to take her child to clinic , they were given a TytoCare handheld remote monitoring device that allowed them to record the child ’ s condition at home . It was able to detect early signs of exacerbation which were flagged to a respiratory nurse who could provide timely care and advice remotely , avoiding the need for another A & E admission for the patient .
Impact of our Virtual Wards pilots


GP and A & E visits

289 remote consultations helped patients avoid

Ellen Barnes , Programme Manager
Meanwhile at Sheffield Children ’ s Hospital , the use of the TytoCare device for one young patient on long-term ventilation and their family has significantly reduced the ‘ tiring and difficult ’ process of attending a ‘ five-minute ’ hospital appointment .
It ’ s examples like these that make us incredibly proud to have launched TytoCare pilot projects with 20 different care teams across

20 care teams

have launched TytoCare pilot projects
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