AHSN Impact Report 2022 - Page 12

Transforming care within the home

As we learn to live with COVID-19 , and our health and care system deals with the aftermath of the pandemic , we know there remains a vital need for robust technology that reduces unnecessary trips to healthcare settings . Our Regional Scaling Programme team , Ellen Barnes , Maria Glover and Nicola Chicken , talk about the three innovations that are keeping patients in our region out of hospital .
Thanks to our region-wide rollout of remote monitoring solutions , 2,113 patients have been benefitting from new technologies that reduce the need for in-person hospital appointments and provide a better overall patient experience , explains Nicola Chicken .
In 2020 , NHSX initiated a new Joined-Up Care Programme to build on the digital health gains achieved during the pandemic and accelerate the scale of using digital innovations to transform patient care .
Nicola Chicken , Programme Manager
12 Transforming Lives Through Innovation
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