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Potable Water Storage
More than 2.1 billion people don ’ t have access to potable water ( 6 ). A consequence of inadequate water access is poor sanitation and hygiene , which contributes to the spread of disease . For this reason , potable water storage has become a central focus in the World Health Organization ’ s ( WHO ) Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 . Target 6.1 aims to achieve “ universal and equitable access to safe water and sanitation for all .” With the right combination of products , engineers are now able to create potable water storage solutions that are longer lasting and more reliable . Additionally , specialized concrete protective liners can be used to rehabilitate existing tanks .
Concrete Protection For new installations , Ultra Grip CPL produced with NSF 61 compliant Hydro + PE resin provides a long-term solution to prevent corrosion and to provide a surface that is easily cleanable and resistant to deposits .
Rehabilitation Many existing potable water storage solutions in the United States require refurbishment or rehabilitation due to leakage and / or corrosion . However , replacing a concrete protective coating with another coating can be a nonstarter in many situations . HydroClick is specially designed for rehabilitating these systems to provide up to a 50-year design life .
HDPE Pipes and Fittings For supporting piping , HDPE pipes and fittings provide a lightweight , leak-proof solution that is corrosion resistant and durable .
See pages 13 , 14 , and 15 for more information about HydroClick , Ultra-Grip , and HDPE pipes , respectively .
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