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Water Solutions

Common problems with water infrastructure include exfiltration from leaking pipes or pipe joints as well as inadequate storage . These problems are associated with the following issues :
• Higher variable operating costs — a leaky system will not only waste critical water resources , but also cost more to manage .
• Lower utilization and decreased life of existing facilities — leaks can reduce the service life of treatment and conveyance systems by requiring system expansions that would not otherwise be required .
• Poor drought or emergency preparedness — ineffective potable water and reservoir storage facilities limits access to water throughout droughts or emergencies .
• Poor reliability and low margins of safe and dependable yields — inadequate storage and leaky pipes will lower overall reliability of the water infrastructure .
Water shortages can extend beyond infrastructure issues . During the 2018 South Africa water crisis , for instance , an extended drought and the public ’ s tendency to treat water as unlimited led to a “ Day Zero ” calculation — the date when the city of Cape Town would run out of water . Day Zero was avoided in South Africa thanks to a combination of public awareness campaigns , policy changes , consumption restrictions , and a high degree of public support .
As seen in South Africa and around the globe , water conservation requires a combination of solutions . Beyond public policy and general awareness , municipal infrastructure requires the use of the right products in specific water systems to minimize leaks and ensure long-term efficiency .
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