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Wastewater Solutions

Common problems with wastewater infrastructure include inflow and infiltration ( I & I ), and corrosion . These problems are associated with the following issues :
• Higher variable operating costs — a leaky system will cost more to manage since I & I results in unnecessary additional treatment costs .
• Lower utilization and decreased life of existing facilities — leaks and MIC can reduce the service life of concrete structures .
• Environmental safety — wastewater can harm local ecology .
Wastewater infrastructure problems are compounded by the fact that out of the 51,356 community water systems serving the America public , only about 8,674 of these systems are sufficiently funded . The other 83 %, which serves about 8 % of the U . S . population , often lacks the funding or technical capacity to meet U . S . Safe Drinking Water Act standards ( 7 ).
Fortunately , a right combination of products in specific wastewater systems enable a number of long-term solutions that will not only prevent issues like MIC , but can also help significantly reduce the amount of maintenance required to support the system . Thus , smaller water systems will be able to maintain Safe Drinking Water Act standards .
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Sheet Stock and Semi-Finished Products AGRU MicroSpike® AGRU manufactures semi-finished products made of high-grade thermoplastics offering acid and alkali resistance across a range of applications. This resistance enables lower lifecycle costs thanks to reduced maintenance needs and the long service life of the product. AGRU MicroSpike is the only HDPE and LLDPE geomembrane liner featuring consistent texture and friction angle values and is the product of choice in containment applications where slope stability is critical. Consistent texturing patterns and asperity height allows for more reliable and predictable interface shear strength. MicroSpike features smooth edges to allow for high-quality thermal fusion welding between adjacent sheets. Sheet Stock and Semi-Finished Products Features • Available in PE and PP as well as a range of fluoropolymers such as PVDF, ECTFE, PFA, and FEP • Available in a wide range of thickness and sheet dimensions • Also available in round bars. HDPE Smooth Liner Product Features For complete details about AGRU Sheet Stock and Semi-Finished Products, visit: • Available in thicknesses ranging from 30 mils to 100 mils • Available in HDPE or LLDPE • Available in black, white, and green • Available as single- or double-sided. For complete details about AGRU MicroSpike, visit: AGRU Smooth Liner® AGRU Smooth Liner is manufactured using the flat die-cast extrusion method, which allows the company to produce among the most consistent smooth and textured geomembranes on the market. Smooth Liner is available in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). All AGRU Smooth Liner material is rolled on 23’ wide plastic cores to ensure ease of installation while also eliminating the problem of collapsed cores. HDPE Smooth Liner Product Features AGRU Conductive Liner AGRU Conductive Liner possesses higher carbon loading compared with other polyethylene-based liners, allowing this specialty liner to conduct electrical charges. This feature supports construction quality assurance testing by facilitating the search for possible holes, punctures, tears, cuts, cracks, and similar breaches over the partial or entire area of an installed geomembrane using test method ASTM D7240. LLDPE Smooth Liner Product Features Conductive liner is implemented for improved quality control processes by removing the reliance on the human eye for post- installation inspections. One unique feature of AGRU’s Conductive Liner is its improved strength and elongation strength qualities when compared with the industry standard. • Available in thicknesses ranging from 40 mils to 100 mils Conductive Liner Product Features • Available in black, white, and green. •  Conductive geomembrane incorporates a thin coextruded conductive bottom layer that allows for spark testing per ASTM D7240 without the need for water. • Available in thicknesses ranging from 30 mils to 100 mils • Available in black, white, and green. For complete details about AGRU Smooth Liner, visit: • The area is swept with a brush-like test wand to locate points where the capacitor discharges through a leak. When the system senses the discharge current, it is converted to a visible spark and audible alarm. For complete details about AGRU Conductive Liner, visit: The Plastics Experts. 18 19