AGRU America Water & Waste Water Solutions by AGRU - Page 9

Reservoir Storage
For large-scale needs , a potable water storage unit is often not sufficient . Water reservoirs are essential to meet the long-term demand for water in larger municipalities . Additionally , water reservoirs are critical to agriculture , industry , and mining . The creation of these reservoirs relies on geosynthetic liners , geotextiles , and concrete protective liners for water containment .
Geosynthetic Liners AGRU Smooth Liner , Conductive Liner , and textured liners like MicroSpike offer an impermeability layer to help contain the water to within the reservoir . Smooth Liner is the standard liner for an impermeability layer . Conductive Liner is a specialized version that incorporates a conductive layer to facilitate construction quality assurance by testing for leaks in the liner that may have occurred during installation . MicroSpike integrates asperities to the liner to increase slope stability and / or to provide an anti-slip surface .
Geotextiles To protect the geosynthetic liners and prolong their service life , geotextiles and geocomposites can be used for cushioning and gas venting as well as numerous other beneficial uses .
Concrete Protection Some reservoir designs incorporate concrete structures . CPL like Ultra Grip can protect concrete from water infiltration .
See pages 16 and 14 for more information about AGRU geosynthetic liners , AGRUTEX , and Ultra Grip , respectively .