AGRU America Water & Waste Water Solutions by AGRU - Page 5

Midway through the project , AGRU helped outline an effective solution based on its new XXL HDPE pipes . Ultimately , the design narrowed in on a 2250 mm OD HDPE pipe at SDR 21 / 26 manufactured by AGRU . The outfall pipe would be among the first structures to use this new size category of HDPE pipes . While HDPE pipes of these sizes have not achieved widespread usage in the North American market , the CRD project helps illustrate the value of this product and size category for high-volume flow applications .
Project designers cited PE-100 as one of the biggest reasons for the change . Pipes made with this resin offer increased flexibility , durability , and longevity over competing products of the same size category . These physical properties also facilitate installation . Furthermore , the resin ’ s other properties can significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime due to its chemical stability and resistance to corrosion . Finally , because AGRU ’ s XXL HDPE pipe is extruded rather than spiral winded , CRD was able to meet EN 12201 and ISO 4427 standards .
AGRU ’ s solution incorporated everything to build a complete outfall system , including the pipe , all associated fitting components ( elongated stub ends , elbow , a wall spool , a pump spool , and diffuser pipes ), and fusion welding technicians trained by AGRU .