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As early as 2015 , the Capital Region District ( CRD ), which comprises 13 municipalities , sought to construct a new tertiary wastewater treatment plant that would help protect and maintain local waterways . The Wastewater Treatment Project officially began in April 2015 , with Harbour Resource Partners as the project lead . The project comprises several components , including a new wastewater treatment facility , outfall system , and residual treatment facility . The new outfall pipe , which would be responsible for discharging the tertiary-treated effluent , would need to support high-volume flow .
Engineers on the project initially specified an 1800 mm steel pipe for the outfall system . However , the project requirements included burying the pipe up to 60 m deep and across a 2 km distance to reach the ocean , which posed numerous challenges for a steel pipe including the logistical difficulty in regard to maintenance . To address this issue , designers sought a long-lasting , low-maintenance alternative .
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