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Reservoir Storage
For large-scale needs , a potable water storage unit is often not sufficient . Water reservoirs are essential to meet the long-term demand for water in larger municipalities . Additionally , water reservoirs are critical to agriculture , industry , and mining . The creation of these reservoirs relies on geosynthetic liners , geotextiles , and concrete protective liners for water containment .
Geosynthetic Liners AGRU Smooth Liner , Conductive Liner , and textured liners like MicroSpike offer an impermeability layer to help contain the water to within the reservoir . Smooth Liner is the standard liner for an impermeability layer . Conductive Liner is a specialized version that incorporates a conductive layer to facilitate construction quality assurance by testing for leaks in the liner that may have occurred during installation . MicroSpike integrates asperities to the liner to increase slope stability and / or to provide an anti-slip surface .
Geotextiles To protect the geosynthetic liners and prolong their service life , geotextiles and geocomposites can be used for cushioning and gas venting as well as numerous other beneficial uses .
Concrete Protection Some reservoir designs incorporate concrete structures . CPL like Ultra Grip can protect concrete from water infiltration .
See pages 16 and 14 for more information about AGRU geosynthetic liners , AGRUTEX , and Ultra Grip , respectively .
SURE-GRIP® HDPE Pipes An industry leader for more than 30 years, Sure-Grip concrete protective liners are made with PVDF, or ECTFE and serves as a long- term alternative to spray-applied concrete protection products in highly corrosive environments such as chemical storage or industrial wastewater applications. HDPE pipes made with PE 100 and PE 100-RC. Sure-Grip Features • The high strength-to-density ratio in these products makes them easier to transport and install, while still being durable enough to handle a wide array of pressure and non-pressure applications. • Comes standard as Type 560, with a 13 mm anchor height. • Reliable with long service history. HDPE Pipes Features • Pipes made with HDPE have a density that ranges from 930 to 970 kg/m3—about seven times less than steel. • HDPE pipes are flexible, making it suitable for a number of installation methods including horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and making it resistant to seismic events. For complete details about Sure-Grip, visit: • Pipes made with HDPE are immune to electrochemical-based corrosion processes, promoting a long-term smooth surface (consistent flow rate) that is less susceptible to biological growth and other forms of fouling. • For enhanced durability and strength, AGRU HDPE pipes can be manufactured using PE100-RC. AGRU-ULTRA GRIP® The latest innovation on Sure-Grip, Ultra Grip offers unparalleled backpressure resistance through a revolutionary redesign of the 13 mm Sure-Grip anchor. For complete details about AGRU HDPE Pipes, visit: Ultra Grip Features • HDPE Fittings Comes standard as Type 562, with 13 mm stud height. • Pull out resistance of up to 820 kN/m2 with PE 80 at 20°C in 3,000 psi concrete. Ball valves, transition fittings, electro-fusion couplers, tapping saddles, and more made with approved materials. • Manufactured with HDPE, HDPE-el, or PP, depending on project requirements. HDPE Fittings Features •  Distinctive V-shape anchor can resist long-term sustained backpressure of up to 1.75 bar (at 20°C or 68°F). • Transition Fittings • Electro-Fusion Couplers • Product is available in rolls and sheets of up to 10’ (3.05 m) in width and up to 5 mm (200 mils) in thickness. • Tapping Saddles • Ball Valves. For complete details about Ultra Grip, visit: For complete details about AGRU HDPE Fittings, visit: The Plastics Experts. 16 17