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Potable Water Storage
More than 2.1 billion people don ’ t have access to potable water ( 6 ). A consequence of inadequate water access is poor sanitation and hygiene , which contributes to the spread of disease . For this reason , potable water storage has become a central focus in the World Health Organization ’ s ( WHO ) Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 . Target 6.1 aims to achieve “ universal and equitable access to safe water and sanitation for all .” With the right combination of products , engineers are now able to create potable water storage solutions that are longer lasting and more reliable . Additionally , specialized concrete protective liners can be used to rehabilitate existing tanks .
Concrete Protection For new installations , Ultra Grip CPL produced with NSF 61 compliant Hydro + PE resin provides a long-term solution to prevent corrosion and to provide a surface that is easily cleanable and resistant to deposits .
Rehabilitation Many existing potable water storage solutions in the United States require refurbishment or rehabilitation due to leakage and / or corrosion . However , replacing a concrete protective coating with another coating can be a nonstarter in many situations . HydroClick is specially designed for rehabilitating these systems to provide up to a 50-year design life .
HDPE Pipes and Fittings For supporting piping , HDPE pipes and fittings provide a lightweight , leak-proof solution that is corrosion resistant and durable .
See pages 13 , 14 , and 15 for more information about HydroClick , Ultra-Grip , and HDPE pipes , respectively .
The Plastics Experts . 8
Wastewater Lagoon Wastewater lagoons offer a large-scale solution to wastewater containment, treatment, and storage. One major downside to wastewater lagoons is the need to implement robust containment systems to prevent contaminants from seeping into the water table or surrounding environment. The most common product used in this effort is an HDPE liner, which can be used to line wastewater ponds, lagoons, and reservoirs. Smooth Liner is the standard HDPE liner offered by AGRU, providing high durability, flexibility, strength, impermeability, and weldability (page 16). Product Overview AGRU HYDROCLICK® Hydroclick is a specialized polyethylene product with patented click profiles that are used to attach the liner to existing concrete structures for fast, precise rehabilitation of potable water storage. AGRU also offers specialty liners with design modifications for added features. Conductive Liner, for instance, can be used to support post- installation Construction Quality Assurance Testing through ASTM D7240 (page 17). Textured and/or structured liners like MicroSpike, Super Gripnet and Micro Gripnet introduce asperities at varying heights that promote higher veneer stability, improving slope stability and anti-slip safety for lagoons with steeper slopes (page 16). Ultra Grip concrete protective liner and embedment strips can be used for concrete structures that are part of the lagoon’s design (page 14). Finally, to manage gas flow and offer cushioning against localized pressure that could damage the underlying liner, geotextiles and geocomposites are available. HydroClick Features Fabrication of Custom Components Create your own high-quality customized components, using AGRU semi-finished products as a starting point. See 16 for more information about AGRU semi-finished products. For complete details about AGRU HydroClick, visit: The Plastics Experts. 14 • Enhanced leakage control when compared with a spray-applied material. • Rapid installation thanks to unique click profiles, weldability, and ability to be prefabricated. • Long service life, durable, and reliable with high inherent resistance to trace chemicals. • Easily cleaned and maintained. • NSF 61 designated product—safe for portable water systems. 15 15