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Wastewater Solutions

Common problems with wastewater infrastructure include inflow and infiltration ( I & I ), and corrosion . These problems are associated with the following issues :
• Higher variable operating costs — a leaky system will cost more to manage since I & I results in unnecessary additional treatment costs .
• Lower utilization and decreased life of existing facilities — leaks and MIC can reduce the service life of concrete structures .
• Environmental safety — wastewater can harm local ecology .
Wastewater infrastructure problems are compounded by the fact that out of the 51,356 community water systems serving the America public , only about 8,674 of these systems are sufficiently funded . The other 83 %, which serves about 8 % of the U . S . population , often lacks the funding or technical capacity to meet U . S . Safe Drinking Water Act standards ( 7 ).
Fortunately , a right combination of products in specific wastewater systems enable a number of long-term solutions that will not only prevent issues like MIC , but can also help significantly reduce the amount of maintenance required to support the system . Thus , smaller water systems will be able to maintain Safe Drinking Water Act standards .
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