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Drainage Pipes Drainage of a landfill body requires the use of piping material that meets special resistance requirements during the construction phase, because the drainage pipes are in continuous contact with the aggressive dissolved media. Once the landfill cell has been closed, no water is expected to flow in; the drainage therefore acts as control drainage and the pipes are exposed to concentrated amounts of landfill leaching. HDPE Pipes The landfill leachate has to be transported from the outlet structures to the treatment units in order to be treated. AGRU HDPE pipes of the highest quality are used here to prevent contamination of the environment. Pipe Penetration The combination of AGRU pipes, fittings, and sheets with our HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes ensures that they all can be welded to the landfill body permanently with stable, leak-proof joints. As a one-stop system supplier, AGRU is able match the various components optimally in terms of welding capability. ClosureTurf® ClosureTurf, a Watershed Geo patented product, is a final cover system comprising AGRU’s Super Gripnet® or MicroSpike® geomembrane overlain by an engineered synthetic turf and specified infill material. It is a proven “hybrid” composite closure system that outperforms earlier closure methodologies and is the only system that provides a predictable level of performance when subjected to severe weather conditions that occur in a post-closure timeframe. Based on several years of real-world experience on over 900 acres of installation, and extensive university and ASTM lab evaluations, the ClosureTurf system has shown to have a leakage rate over 40 times less than Subtitle D prescriptive and an erosion loss of over 100 times less than subtitle D prescriptive cover. A Watershed Geo Patented Product CLOSURETURF® is a U.S. registered trademark which designates a product from Watershed Geosynthetics, LLC. This product is the subject of issued U.S. and foreign patents and/or pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.