AGRU America PRO_LiningSystems_2017-1 - Page 8

Landfill Engineering Effective Groundwater Protection Landfill lining systems are chosen depending on the materials expected to be stored on site. In some cases, a second layer of HDPE or LLDPE geomembranes is installed alongside other geosynthetics. In every case, however, the geomembrane is always the primary lining element at a landfill to prevent rainwater penetration when the surface of the cell is being lined, and to prevent groundwater from being contaminated via the landfill cell’s base liner. Landfill Capping A landfill body consists of highly contaminated waste that should be prevented from leaching into groundwater and the surrounding environment. To keep rainwater from permeating into the landfill body, the site must be covered promptly after the landfill cell has been closed. Closure can only be postponed where further settling is expected as a result of insufficient compaction. Depending on the degree of contamination of the deposited materials, geosynthetic composite systems are used for the surface closure. Landfill Base Liner Pollutants must be prevented from leaching out of the landfill cell in order to protect the surrounding soil and groundwater from contamination. Geosynthetic composite systems are also used at the base of the cell, which significantly reduces the work involved and costs compared with traditional systems. The Plastics Experts. 8