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Universally Deployable Lining Systems AGRU Lining Systems offer the right solution for every application through an array of products made of many different combinations of surfaces and materials while being supported by an extensive range of accessories. AGRU Lining Systems are found wherever geomembranes are used, such as in landfill and hydraulic engineering, groundwater protection, and building and tunnel sealing. Soil and Groundwater Protection With geomembranes for mining, hydraulic, and landfill engineering as well as liquid manure and retention basins. AGRU Lining Systems offer solutions for every requirement: • Available in HDPE, LLDPE, VLDPE, and FPP • Available in different surface structures (e.g., smooth, anti-slip, and structured) • Signal layers enable visual control of the sealing system. Efficient Corrosion Protection in Tunnels AGRUFLEX protects the inner concrete shell. AGRUFLEX made of VLDPE is the optimum solution: • For bored and cut-and-cover tunnels • Provides protection from aggressive mountain water • Perfectly matches the tunnel shape thanks to high flexibility. Excellent Product Properties Thanks to the use of the chemically resistant materials PE and PP. AGRU Lining Systems will last decades: • Plasticiser-free plastics guarantee long-term performance • High tensile strength, elasticity, and flexibility • Excellent static puncture resistance. Economic Installation Simple and permanent welding technologies. Suitable for any application: • Physiological safe welding • Innovative installation methods (e.g., induction welding) • The membranes are easy to install thanks to excellent elongation and flexibility. One-Stop Shopping Liner, water stop profiles, discs, and drainage pipes. A complete system for the perfect watertight sealing: • Welding rods, waterstop profiles, and cleaner • Drainage systems in PE and PP for area and strip drainage • Compatible with concrete protective liners, semi-finished products, and piping systems made by AGRU. 3