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The Plastics Experts. AGRU geosynthetic liners are manufactured with only the highest-grade polyethylene resins using the calendared flat-die extrusion process. This manufacturing technique allows for coextruded liners with multiple features such as surface textures and secondary properties. The benefit of this process is liner with consistent textures, stud and spike heights, thickness, and an array of secondary features without compromising liner integrity. Geomembranes measuring 23 feet in width and between 30 mil and 120 mil in thickness are offered. The materials available include HDPE (high-density polyethylene), LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), VLDPE (very low-density polyethylene), and FPP (flexible polypropylene). The AGRU success story has been unfolding for seven decades. Founded in 1948 by Alois Gruber, who set the company on the course for plastic manufacturing, AGRU has become one of the world’s most important single-source suppliers for piping systems, semi-finished products, concrete protection liners, and lining systems made from engineered plastics. We use only top-grade thermoplastic polymers as our raw materials. When it comes to application-technical consulting, we are your best partner in the field. Quality Customer satisfaction comes first at AGRU. Technical consultations are an essential component of our customer service. The AGRU quality assurance system is compliant with multiple international and U.S. standards and AGRU’s procedures help ensure that products meet these standards. AGRU’s start-to-finish attention to quality ensures that the products meet the strictest technical requirements. The Plastics Experts. 2