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Electrically Conductive Geomembranes Coextrusion techniques can be used to produce HDPE, LLDPE, and VLDPE geomembranes with electrically conductive signal layers. On one hand, this can help prevent static charging so that the membranes can be used in explosion-protected areas. On the other hand, these membranes are used as part of leakage detection systems. High-Temperature Resistant Geomembranes Due to its improved durability at elevated temperatures, the HTRPE geomembrane has created new possibilities for industry and other applications where processes are carried out at higher temperatures: • Energy production from renewable sources (solar thermal, biomass and geothermal energy) • Hot-water tanks • Bioreactors • Leaching ponds • Oil and gas industry • Industrial water and waste water Studded Drain Liner In the case of double seals or controlled drainage, a three-layer system consisting of two smooth geomembranes and a drainage product is typically used. The use of AGRU studded Drain Liner makes it possible to reduce the system to two components, which saves material and installation costs. In addition, the system remains stable at high loads. 17