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Geomembranes and Accessories From a Single Source Whether you need welding accessories, drainage pipes, water stop profiles, or interlocking profiles, AGRU provides all the components you need to install permanently leak-proof AGRU Lining Systems quickly. Drainage Pipes Drainage is especially essential in tunnel and landfill cell construction. Our piping system consists of not only full pipes, but also perforated or slotted pipes made of PE or PP. Dimensioning is project-specific. You can choose bright, inspection-friendly interior surface if you wish. For reproducible welding results, AGRULINE E-fittings round off the range of products here. AGRULOCK This vertical sealing system is ideal for the separation of contaminated groundwater. AGRULOCK is also the product of choice for construction sites where the groundwater level must be kept at a certain level. The water-impermeable barrier is easy to install. The profiles can be welded to the geomembrane using conventional welding machines. The Plastics Experts. 16