AGRU America PRO_LiningSystems_2017-1 - Page 11

Standard Installation The protection and drainage nonwoven textile is fastened to the wall of the tunnel using mounting discs anchored to the seal carrier in a specified pattern. Following this, the liner is attached to the mounting discs using the penetration-free hot-air welding method. The VLDPE tunnel membranes are joined using hot-wedge welding. The white signal layer reliably indicates any damage that occurs during the installation. The tunnel can be segmented by partitioning off the block joints using the AGRU water stop profile. Installation Using EASYFIX AGRUFLEX EASYFIX tunnel membranes are manufactured with a protective nonwoven textile layer. This protects the tunnel membrane against point loads and damage, enabling easy installation using hook-and-loop discs. Installation Using Induktofix The AGRU Induktofix system was developed so that thermoplastic linings could be fastened to concrete structures using electromagnetic induction without the need to penetrate the lining system. In a tunnel, this enables wider membranes to be installed, which in turn offers speed benefits and increased system safety during installation by reducing the number of welds required. Welding The membranes are normally welded using hot-wedge welding. In case of penetration, defects that have to be repaired or difficult geometrics, extrusion welding is also possible. Subsequent pressure testing of the hot-wedge welds using a test channel is carried out in accordance with the national requirements or the sealing solution. 11