AGRU America PEGCL-Final

AGRU Polymer- Enhanced GeoClay® AGRU America’s polymer-enhanced GeoClay® is a reinforced needle- punched geosynthetic clay liner with a polymer enhancement to the bentonite component. This specialized product is designed to withstand even the most aggressive leachates thanks to both the low-permeable bentonite and the absorptive, high chemical resistant polymer. AGRU polymer-enhanced GeoClay are designed for moderate to steep slopes and moderate- to high-load applications, where increased internal shear strength is required. Applications AGRU GeoClay serves as a component in the primary or secondary layer in composite landfill cells and closures, mining leach pads, tailing impoundments, and reclamations as well as a component in composite liners for ponds and lagoons. Technical Overview • A  GRU GeoClay is available in roll widths of 15.5’ and is hydraulically superior to several feet of 1×10 -7 cm/ sec compacted clay. AGRU GeoClay liner has high internal and interface shear strength for slope stability. • O  ne truckload covers over 90% of an acre. AGRU GeoClay is installed more efficiently than traditional compacted clay layers. • G  eoClay is made of natural sodium bentonite, which has self-healing and self-sealing properties. • S  odium bentonite is compatible with typical municipal solid waste leachates and typical mining leachates. • C  ompatibility can be established with other waste streams via site-specific testing which is recommended. • I  mproved project cost-effectiveness from reduced CQA time and testing costs of AGRU GeoClay. AGRU America, Inc. 800 -373-2478 843-546-0600 [email protected]