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AGRU CONTAINMENT SOLUTIONS The Plastics Experts. OVER 70 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE IN PLASTICS AND GEOSYNTHETICS AGRU Integrated Drainage System (IDS) Geomembranes: AGRU Nonwoven Geotextiles: Leachate Collection and Cushion Dual Lined Containment and Leak Detection AGRU Drainage Products: Geocomposite and Geonet Material AGRU’s HDPE Pipe Fittings AGRU MicroSpike® Black, White, and Conductive Liner AGRU Concrete Protection: AGRU Reinforced Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL): Sure-Grip® Concrete Liners AGRU America, Inc. 800 -373-2478 AGRU GeoClay® 843-546-0600 [email protected]