AGRU America ClosureTurf-Brochure - Page 8

AN INNOVATIVE SOLAR SOLUTION FOR LANDFILLS AND IMPOUNDMENTS Solatics® is a patented solar system that uses ClosureTurf® as its foundation to turn an environmental liability into an environmental asset. Installing solar generation on capped landfills has proven an effective way to deploy large systems on typically unused space. By combining the proven technology of ClosureTurf with the advanced science of Solatics, the system yields the highest producing, easiest to maintain solar solution available on the market. ClosureTurf’s unique cover system enables solar panels to operate in a clean environment free of dust, grass clippings and potential damage from lawn mowing equipment. With a no penetration, friction-based attachment method, Solatics is able to operate and function with optimal performance. Why Siting Solar on Landfills is Superior to Other Sites, including Greenfields: • Productive use – financially and environmentally – of land resource with minimal typical reuse • Receives superior financial incentives in some jurisdictions • Prevents clear-cutting and grading of forests and greenfields • Makes use of existing access roads, storm water management and security perimeters Solatics is the only solar technology of its kind: • Uses the latest dual glass panel proprietary technology • Utilizes a low profile direct attachment system to protect against wind uplift and shear • Does not use bulky racking material • Does not penetrate the closure system • Maximizes the landfill footprint with both top deck and slope positioning • Simplifies wiring and increases the power per unit area by more than 35%